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No one wants to turn down the opportunity to save money, especially when you’ve just bought a new house. There is no shame in wanting to cut back on the (usually very high) costs of moving to a new place, especially if you are moving quite a way. You’ve probably been tired and stressed out from the minute you decided to move; finding the right estate agent, touring home after model home, coming to an agreement with your partner/house-mates, signing papers and convincing your parents that everything will be fine.

Beijing Mover International - Your Moving Partner

Beijing Mover run the business in Beijing since 2006 ,which is specialized in household goods and personal effects transportation; relocation; warehousing; large-scale office moving service. Beijing Mover provides our respected customers with professional logistics solution, the whole operation and online supervision system. As a leading service provider in China, Beijing Mover will continue to offer the best service for our every customers.

About BeijingMover service:

Relocating to Hongkong ? Moving from Beijing to Hongkong ? China Express Movers

One of the best things to keep in mind when undertaking a Beijing to Hongkong relocation is to be well prepared. Moving from Beijing to Hongkong can typically take 4-7 days . It is best to start at least a few weeks in advance of your move with a pre-move survey, the time at which a consultant will visit your home and measure the size of your shipment. He or she will also make a note of any special packing requirements such as the need for tailor made wooden crates for large or fragile items.

Beijing Movers | Relocation from Beijing to other Cities in China | Moving to Shanghai , Guangzhou , Tianjin , Dalian , Hainan , Shenzhen , Dongguan , Nanjing , Suzhou , Taiyuan , Shenyang ?

Welcome to Beijing Movers International website, hope that we can bring you fun of moving. Whether you are from multinational corporations, consulate, domestic enterprises or foreign friends, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots, migrants or students, CEMovers will provide world-class service.

Main Business :

1).International Move Service

Beijing Mover | China Express Movers

Company Name: China Express Movers Co., Ltd.
Contact: Andy
Tel: 010-5628 3376 , 13717772317 (Beijing)
Address: Beijing Chaoyang District, No. 56 South Bridge Shibalidian

Advantages of Professional Moving Services

Moving companies are the companies that help us to transport all our household goods from one place to another. Moving is something that has become inevitable for any citizen of the modern world. Due to professional commitments or personal reasons people have to shift their base from one city to another or one country to the other. The moving companies help in making a smooth move and this can be seen from the fact that most of the people who try to make move all by themselves fail in the act and end up making a mess of their move. So it is better to hire the professional moving services.

Corperate Social Responsibility

Care For Chilren

As a people-focused business, Beijing Movers sees Corporate Social Responsibility as our contribution to sustainable development in the communities in which we operate, above and beyond complying with legal requirements. Taking a strategic approach, balanced across a range of issues such as the environment, community building and people development, our commitment to CSR is driven from the top, and Beijing Movers aims to keep updated with current issues in the local community.

Contacting Beijing Mover ?

Established in 2006, BeijingMover has developed quickly along with the city itself servicing both the diplomatic and the corporate sector. Extensive training and experience allows the

BeijingMover team in Beijing to provide an impressive level of service.

Business scope:

Domestic and Local Household Goods Moves

Office & Factory Moves

Long Term & Short Term Warehouse Storage

Moving Service at Beijing Movers

Beijing Movers | Beijing Moving Service | Cargo Transportation Co. Ltd
Beijing Moving & Storage Service Co., Ltd is a full service moving and storage specialist organisation. The company was founded with the vision to not only meet, but to exceed customer expectations and needs through well managed and professionally trained staff.

Easy Moving Guide to our Customers in China

Beijing Mover tell you all the steps of moving out.

1. Free pre-moving survey by on site or Calling Fellow Up

2. Quotation and contract signing

3. Pre-customs clearance

4. Professional packing service and warehouse

5. Customs clearance

6. Sea/air shipping schedule

7. Delivery and unpacking

8. All risk insurance

Domestic Move from Beijing to other cities of china more easy to operate , Every day , we ship customer's belongings from beijing to shanghai , guangzhou and other china cities.


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