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Of course the single most important item used by any beijing movers is their moving van. Long distance movers often use large tractor trailers (three axle) so they can place loads from several locations. The trailer portion is typically 40 feet long. Most local moving is done with two axle moving trucks sometimes referred to as a bobtail. The loading area is referred to as the “box” and usually is one 20 foot Container. We use only the container because most households require this space. Two moving trucks ( DFAC ) can be provided for larger homes. This size is more maneuverable to negotiate/pass the variety of streets encountered in moving in Beijing and nearby communities. Normally it can load about 11 cbm belongings per truck. you can order one or two or more trucks by your moving size. if you remembered how many trucks which you used last time , this time you can know the right trucks which will be using. Another type of Van is Jinbei or Futon Van which can load about 3-6 cbm goods , this van is covered truck. your goods can be safely transported to destination home.

The standard intra city moving truck will have an 11cbm space. if loading packing boxes , it should be loading about 40 to 80 boxes according to the size of boxes.

Loading is facilitated with a ramp, also known as a walkboard. Modern ramps are either aluminum or fiberglass. Older style ramps may be made of wood and steel. Some are equipped with a lift gate which is useful for loading heavy items such as a safe or piano, but usually is not required. It is far more common to load using only a ramp. A curb side door on the box allows loading to be done from the side. This allows movers to walk directly from the sidewalk onto the moving truck.

After an item is carried onto the moving van it must be secured. The interior of the packing box will have either slats to which a rope can be tied, or special hooks, flush with the inner wall, which allow a strap to be attached.

Piano Movers
Pianos are moved with a piano board. This device resembles a sled. It is padded on top where the piano will rest, and the piano is strapped to it. If moving the piano on a flat surface, this piano board will be placed on a four wheel dolly. On stairs the piano board is slid. Ropes extend from the piano board to allow the piano movers to control the weight. It is strongly recommended to allow our professional piano movers to properly prepare and operate all aspects involved.

Any item with a wood or cloth surface, or any surface which is fragile or susceptible to scratches or blemishes, must be protected with a pad before it is secured. We will protect any such item with a professional quality moving pad before it is removed from a home or office, so that when it is brought to the moving truck it is ready to be secured.

Moving Appliances and Other Large Items

The movers use two types of dollies to bring items to and from the moving truck. The appliance dolly, also referred to as an upright dolly, is used to move appliances or most square or rectangular shaped items such as bookcases and dressers. It is also used for stacks of moving boxes. This dolly is designed with rubber rollers on its back to allow its use on stairs without scuffing. We use only standard dollies/ trolley, the moving industry . Some items are best moved with a four wheel dolly, also referred to as a flat dolly. This dolly is most useful when long walks are encountered. For moving heavy desks a special dolly known as a desk lift can be utilized.

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