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Share 北京中捷货运代理有限公司
admin 2023-09-06 12:31
北京中捷货运代理有限公司提供专业私人物品搬家 、公司搬家、搬厂、搬公司、长途搬家、家具拆装、设备搬家吊装、搬设备、搬钢琴、搬鱼缸、钢琴搬家、鱼缸搬家、家电搬运、空调移机、城市配送,搬运工人 卸货服务、卸车、下车、装车、上车、搬运 拉货 送货 搬运工临时工,搬家公司搬运,提供面包车搬家、货车搬家、厢式货车 ...
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Share Beijing Zhongjie Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd
admin 2023-08-04 09:16
Beijing Zhongjie Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. undertakes moving and moving services in residential areas, villas, mansions, offices, office buildings, warehouses, etc. Focus on relocation and transportation one-stop service, all staff have received professional training, friendly and reliable! Sinc ...
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Share Move and Storage in Beijing ?
admin 2023-08-04 08:51
We offer move and storage service if you are interested in our service. Contact by Wechat: beijingmover
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Share Move from capital Paradise to Longhu Villas
admin 2022-03-27 15:22
Date : 2023-03-23 Place : Capital paradise 2xxx to 龙湖滟澜山 Persons: 11 persons Days : 2 days ( 11 persons at first day , 6 persons at the second day) Truck 4 times Van 9 times from pick-up place to longhu Materials : 100 small boxes for books , big boxes for clothing 20 , middium box ...
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Share Move in Capital Paradise
admin 2022-02-22 15:34
Local Move in Capital Paraadise Shunyi , Beijing Date: 2022-1-26 Days : 2 Workers: 8 Persons
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Share Moving and storage in Beijing | Move to Shanghai , Hongkong?
admin 2021-12-22 11:18
Pre-move survey online by Wechat and know what stuff need move or storage. Sign our acceptance letter and confirm the moving date Professional packing Check your goods before packing and confirm with you if your belongings have any damage before packing. Your goods will be deliver to your ...
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Share Move from Yongkang Lane to GuanShuyuan
admin 2021-11-29 08:14
One truck stuff , 4 persons , 2 hours finish the work. using 30 boxes with one roll of paper.
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Share Moving and Storage Service in Beijing
admin 2021-11-01 07:08
Hello friends, We offer Beijing moving and Storage service. The price is good. please contact me by wechat: beijingmover
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Share Move from 何各庄 到 北京香江花园
admin 2021-08-04 22:16
客户:英国客人 搬家日期:2021-08-04 车辆:卡车走了一趟,金杯车盘了二趟。 人手:5个人 时间:上午9点开始11点45完工 客户自己包装,走楼梯搬运了一个电视柜,长大约3米。
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Share Move from Beijing To Suzhou Industrial Park
admin 2021-07-21 13:07
Customer : Ms. A. S Pick-up From:智地香蜜湾,顺义,北京 Destination: 苏州姑苏区白洋湾街道苏秀路 xxx Total 26 packages packed into 24 boxes We offer one van and 2 person move. Packed suitcases and plastic baskets and trolley, will send to suzhou We will arange to deliver on July 24. ...
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