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A good moving plan accounts for half the success of the move. It is always recommended to plan in advance several weeks before the actual move occurs. Please refer to our moving countdown to learn about the details of the planning.
However, if you have to move in an emergency situation or in a very short period of time, with our emergency system, Beijing movers can really move for you according to your tight schedule.
The following several steps will guide you to achieve a successful "door-to-door" move.

Step 1 - Pre-moving survey

Go to the door to do the pre-move survey. The needs of different customers for moving are different. Pre-moving survey can understand and meet customer needs. We provide this service for you free of charge.
Contact us to arrange the date for the pre-move survey. Our professional moving experts will meet with you to discuss the moving process and your needs.
The pre-moving survey takes 20 minutes to 1 hour.
Assessment of quantity: Our moving experts will check every room with you that needs to be moved, record all the items you point out to be moved, so that we can calculate the estimated volume of your goods. Since the quotation is based on the estimated volume, please point out any items that need to be moved. If you plan to purchase more furniture/items or have any items from your office, please notify our moving experts during the investigation.
Brief moving process: After the inspection, our moving experts will sit down with you and provide you with all the necessary information related to your move - professional packaging and protecting your valuable items, insurance, destination delivery process, etc...Clarify the details of the move: We will discuss the packaging / moving schedule, destination access, handling of heavy / large items, record your special requirements and concerns, and answer all your questions until you are satisfied.

Step 2 - Quotation and confirmation

Based on the results of the pre-moving survey and communication, Beijing movers will create a specially customized and practically cost-effective moving quotation for your moving needs at a reasonable price. The moving quotation will be sent to you in a short time via Wechat / email / face-to-face handover for your convenience. You will find all the details in this moving quotation - price, included / excluded, insurance policy / premium, payment terms, moving schedule, etc... All costs will be clearly communicated and understood before any work begins.
Soon after sending the moving quotation, your moving expert will contact you to answer your questions and discuss the details of any aspects you may be concerned about.
Once the quotation is accepted, please stamp the company seal (if paid by the company) and send the word document via WeChat to us. The packing date / time will be set according to your schedule.

Step 3 - Prepare the goods for packing Insurance 

Beijing movers have arranged a comprehensive household item transportation insurance plan. The insurance premium is calculated as a percentage of the value you declared.
A copy of the insurance declaration inventory sheet will be delivered to you for filling out. Please read the insurance terms displayed on the back of the application form carefully before filling it out.
Most importantly, before starting the packaging, you must return the completed insurance declaration form to us.
Self-packaging of personal items (Self-packaging Guide) Some customers prefer to pack their personal items (clothes, books, etc.). You can call us and we will provide you with cartons and materials for pre-packaging.

Step 4 - Professional packaging

On the packing date, the packers will arrive at your place on time. An English-speaking packing supervisor will introduce the packers to you and briefly introduce the work schedule. Then he will check with you the items to be moved and assign the packers to pack them.
The packing supervisor will communicate with you during the packing period and ensure that all your requirements are strictly followed.
Organized by the packing supervisor, the packers will start packing your goods using suitable packing materials and ensure that every item is optimally protected during transportation.
Each packaged box will be marked with a series of numbers and content descriptions. A packing list will be produced during the packing period, and you will be required to sign on the packing list after the packing is completed to confirm the contents and items in the packing. A copy will then be given to you for filing.
Once the packing is completed, the packing supervisor will check with you room by room to ensure that nothing is left before they leave.

Step 5 - Transportation and storage

Your valuable items will be loaded and transported to your new home immediately after being packaged.
We can provide storage for your items in our warehouse after packaging according to your requirements.

Step 6 - Delivery

All the goods will be counted during the occupancy period, unpacked and placed according to your instructions. The reassembly of the furniture will be carried out after the delivery is completed, and the garbage will be cleaned up after completion.
You will be required to sign on the delivery receipt and packing list to confirm the receipt of the goods and the condition of the goods. You will also be required to fill out and sign the work evaluation form.

Step 7 - Payment

If the move is paid by an individual, we require full payment on the move day. Beijing moving expert will be responsible for coordinating with you and ensuring that your move goes as planned.

Beijing Zhongjie Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd  
M: 1371-777-2317, Andrew An
Wechat: beijingmover
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